Curled snugly in the arms of the majestic Pyrenees is Roncal, the most easterly valley in the ancient kingdom of Navarra, a place full of history and legend. Situated on the border with France and Aragon legend tells that on the highest peak La Mesa de los tres Reyes (The 3 kings table) (2.438 m.) the kings of France, Aragon and Navarra could eat around the same table each sitting in his own kingdom.

This is the most mountainous region of Navarra. The Larra plateau is one of the most impressive karstic areas in Europe with its weirdly wonderful rock formations, the mountains riddle with a network of tunnels caves, caverns and underground river.

Roncal valley comprises of seven villages, Uztárroz, Isaba, Urzainqui, Roncal, Garde, Burgui and Vidángoz, with their churches, hermitages and museums bringing to gather the history and stories of the people privileged to live in this place.

Isaba is the most populated village (500 inhabitants) sitting at the foot of the Ardibidiguinea peak and close to Ezkaurre Mountain. It is a beautiful picturesque setting.